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Nail Technology

To give students a broad knowledge of both the science and art of manicuring, and be able to use the knowledge as a foundation to be successful in that profession. Students will develop his/her physical dexterity and manipulative skills and develop loyalty and enthusiasm for the profession. Successful completion of the West Virginia Manicurist Program prepares the graduate to take the WV State Board examination that is necessary to obtain a license for an entry – level position as a manicurist.

Program Details:

  • 400 Hours (30 hours per week for 13 weeks)

  • Registration fees $100

  • Tuition for complete program $ 3,500

  • Tuition includes all books and supplies

Program Description:

Manicuring is the cosmetic treatment of the hands, feet, legs, arms and nails. The purpose of the cosmetic treatment is to improve the appearance of the hands, legs, arms, feet and nails. The student will learn a variety of skills in this program including manicures, pedicures, application of acrylic nails as well as decorative nail art. Practical performance demonstration and practice are employed in conjunction with the study of theory.

Subject  /  Hours Required


General professional information

The science of Nail Technology

Basic Procedures 

The Art of Nail Technology

Total Hours: 


Practical 0 / Theory 100 Hours

Practical 10 /Theory 64 Hours 

Practical 80 / Theory 12 Hours

Practical 113 / Theory 21 Hours

400 {30 hours per week for 13 weeks }                        

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